About Me

I’m Micki Hall.

I’m an enthusiastic Family Photographer based out of Louisville, Kentucky.

I love being able to show the connection a family can have; there is always so much love, happiness, and laughter working with families. I am lucky to able to show a family how beautiful they really are.

My personality makes people feel really relaxed and calm during a photo session. I’m outgoing, kind, and really genuine. I’m also a mother and I have a family as well so I know how to make a family work and move together; like most mothers do.  I’m not looking to get the “perfect” family photo. My goal is to get pictures of your family, looking perfect, and showing the love you have for one another.

I want to give you once in a lifetime photos; pictures that you will be proud and excited to show for years to come. I love getting to know my clients and answering any questions they may have so they are totally confident and completely relaxed with their photo session. So, please feel free to ask any you may have.

I really love what I do. Family photography is my passion; it’s what makes my soul sing.

F i n d   M e   H e r e